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Basics of Fencing

Fencing is a tremendous sport with huge appeal!

  • It is one of the oldest Olympic sports.
  • It is safe, lots of fun, excellent for fitness, toning, balance, coordination, control.
  • Increases respect, good etiquette and all aspects of well-being.
  • The whole point of fencing is to score as many hits on your opponent as you can without being hit yourself.
  • Fencing is NOT an aggressive sport, it is about timing, control and out-witting your opponent.
  • It is often referred to as being like physical chess.





There are 3 weapons used in fencing: Foil, Epee and Sabre.

Fencing can be enjoyed by all ages, from 6 - 106 and all levels of ability, for further information Fencing/


  • Descended from the 18th century smallsword
  • Thin, flexible blade with a square cross-section & a small guard
  • Hits are scored with the point only on the torso of the opponent
  •  As with sabre hits are awarded according to which competitor has the "right of way" or "priority" when the hit is made


  • The Epee is a direct descendant of the duelling sword
  • Epee fencing is probably the closest thing in the modern sport to actual duelling
  • The whole body is valid target
  • Epee is the weapon used in the Modern Pentathlon sporting event


  • The cavalryman's weapon of choice
  • Designed to remove the top of an enemy's skull while at the gallop on the back of a horse
  • Sabre has a thin, straight, flexible blade
  • The target area is anywhere above the waist
  • Like foil it has the concept of priority with attacks
  • Hits can be scored with the edge of the blade as well as the point