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3 Counties League

Welcome to the Three Counties League Competition, which is a friendly competition between the clubs in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire in Foil and Epee.


There are 7 clubs currently involved, which are:

The format and rules  of the league are as follows:

  • Each team will fence all others both home and away (This year this may be waived).
  • Matches will be in foil and epee, and must be run on electrics.
  • Electic foil should use lame bibs.
  • If both teams do not have the relevant kit for this, please can the captains agree the approach on the day? You have a referee, and your discretion – it should not be hard to agree that either the bib are counted or discounted, and that fencers should be honest.
  • When a team is hosting a match, they MUST put out a team of AT LEAST 6 fencers (minimum of 3 in each weapon).
  • All bouts will be ‘first to 5’ NOT ‘relay’ as this format is more practical for club evenings.

At the end of the season there are 3 trophies awarded:

Foil Trophy – for the most number of victories in foil.

Epee Trophy – for the most number of victories in epee.

League Trophy – total greatest number of victories.


For our current league fixtures, please see the club calendar and anyone interested in taking part, please get in touch with Captain our team captain.